The china's leading exhibition for advanced automotive technologies

The 4th Shenzhen International Advanced Automotive Technology Exhibition (AAE 2024) is committed to creating a top international exhibition in the field of automotive front-end decoration in China. The exhibition mainly covers new technologies, new processes, and new products such as new energy vehicle battery technology, automotive electronics technology, automotive intelligent cockpit technology, onboard display technology, automotive interior and exterior technology, autonomous driving and vehicle networking technology, and automotive intelligent manufacturing technology. As a platform for showcasing automotive technology innovation, the organizing committee will invite procurement and technical engineers from automotive OEM manufacturers and Tier 1&2 component suppliers in the industry to come together to visit the exhibition and seek technical cooperation, providing a comprehensive platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to exchange and cooperate in technology and showcase new products.







The 7 exhibition areas comprehensively showcase advanced automotive technology
7 themed forums, with 80 industry experts sharing exciting experiences.
Speaker (Part)
Global renowned host manufacturers and TIER1 have come to visit
Previous attendance of enterprises (partial)
Exhibitions and support from globally renowned enterprises
Last exhibition and supporting enterprises (partial)
Exhibitors and buyers actively negotiate
Photos of the previous exhibition site (partial)
Exhibition News
Industry renowned media tracking and reporting


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